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Ith are a central humanoid alien race in the main story-line of The End. This portion of the wiki will cover their appearance, beliefs, culture and history. I will also be including some diagrams to go along with each part as soon as I can find the time to sit down and draw them. Design notes for the Ith will be added as they become available in the main story line, as I do not wish to spoil anything for you! If you are looking for information on their home planet, its flora and fauna, laws and infrastructure, please visit the section on [[Ith (planet)|Ith]]. If you would like to read about specific major Ith characters who appear in the story, they currently include [[Lon]], [[Sari]], [[Muir]], [[Seon]], [[Tas]], [[Ina]], [[Noh]], [[Raine]] and most recently, [[Samira Hahn]]. ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== General ===== The Ith are a mysterious race that bear a suspiciously identical resemblance to human beings, but sporting an array of psychic abilities that emanate from their auras. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Reception and Reputation ===== The rest of the known, space-faring galaxy treat the Ith extreme caution; the Ith Monoculture is notoriously xenophobic, and was described by [[Ethma]] when they were first introduced as a //police state//. Off planet, they will interact with other sentient alien races if they must, but are discouraged from interaction beyond a professional level. Each Ith ship that leaves their home world generally has one or more members of the Black Caste aboard to enforce monoculture law, oversee security and to protect (and spy on) the rest of the ship's crew. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Caste System ===== The Ith castes are divided according to the visible spectrum, with the addition of black and white - the Castes are Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and White. All castes produce a visible aura with the exception of the Black caste. Auras play a large role in how Ith communicate with each other, and most Ith are adept at reading emotion and intention through them. As a result, many Ith make very little use of their eyes, preferring to instead rely on their psychic sight to guide them. They manage this by being largely in tune with their homeworld's mostly fungal ecosystem, which is integrated into their homes, the streets and even taken off-planet with them on their ships. I've moved each to their own section, and they will be added to as more information on them becomes available. * [[Indigo Caste]] * [[Violet Caste]] * [[Black Caste]] * [[Red Caste]] * [[Blue Caste]] * [[Orange Caste]] * [[Yellow caste]] * [[Green Caste]] * [[White Caste]] </WRAP>

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