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{{ gallery:design:ith:oybanner.png?nolink }} ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Traits ===== The ability to transmit thoughts and messages to other Yellow caste members over long distances. While there is a limit to the distance that they can communicate, most transport and trading ships keep accurate databases of where other Yellow caste members are stationed off planet, allowing for a telephone-like relay of information. They can communicate with Yellow caste that they do not know personally if they have knowledge ofthe location that the other Ith is currently occupying, and can communicate with Yellow caste that they are familiar with even if they do not know where that person is currently (it should be noted that a Yellow caste will not become aware of their location by communicating with them unless the friend they are communicating with gives them their location as a relay). </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Role ===== Communications overseers are essential in almost every aspect of Ith life. They are employed by shipping and trading companies, homeworld factories and businesses, as part of Ith reconnaissance teams stationed on [[Hlurcht]] stations, by the Houses, by the military and by the [[Indigo Caste]]. They also operate as freelancers for the general public, allowing regular citizens to send messages to people in other cities and districts--the messages are then transcribed and delivered physically or left at the Communication point for regular pickup. They are also responsible for reporting suspicious and treasonous messages, and reporting anything that sounds suspicious or like it might be in code to the [[Black Caste]]. While the Ith do employ more traditional means of communication, such as data and connecting to Hlurcht Station networks to send and receive off-planet messages, Yellow caste are valued because they are generally untraceable and impossible to detect or intercept. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Perception ===== The Yellow caste is well respected and considered to be very loyal as a whole, as a treasonous Yellow caste attempting to send treasonous messages would quickly be caught by other Yellow Caste members en route. They also deal with a lot of privileged and/or personal information, so many of them come off as overly polite or informal in social situations with other Ith that they work with directly. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Essential Apparel ===== The Yellow caste can wear whatever they like, but tend toward professional and elegant attire if their employers do not require them to wear a uniform (which is rare unless they work in the public sector). Many of them want to uphold a very specific and unpersonal public persona and convey that they are the sort of person that you can trust with your private information. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Related ===== Known members of the Yellow Caste include: [[Seon]] </WRAP>

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