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We previously had a large number of wallpapers that were available to everyone, hosted on the old wiki. The old wiki's demise came at the exact same time as I was moving all of my things over to my new computer, and my portable hard-drive took a dive out of my hands and onto a hard floor, breaking in more than several places. I do have them somewhere on this new computer, but I'm going to have to hunt for them. On top of that, I'm not sure I have all of them, so I may have to redo a bunch of them. I'll add them as I go, and will let you know when they are available! <WRAP center round box 80%> These seamless patterns can be used for whatever you like. Just make sure that you tile them! I will be creating more of them in the very near future. {{gallery> gallery:goodies:patterns }} </WRAP>

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