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Welcome to The End's wiki. Here are some shortcuts to the main areas of the website.

We are looking for volunteer moderators! If you are interested in populating this wiki with information, please read the Moderator Guide and then contact me if you are still interested.

There are currently no events happening. Future events will be announced and linked in this sidebar.


The Story Bible is dedicated to extra information that we wrote so that we could design everything properly, but doesn't necessarily have a place in the actual story line.

This section contains a detailed character index divided by species, complete with character galleries, stats, design notes and timelines of their activities in the comic. There is also a section dedicated to details on locations featured in the comic, including planets inhabited by the different aliens, their environments and various flora and fauna that inhabits those spaces, as well as information on the different aliens' cultures, political states, philosophies and more.

New information will be added to this section based on what is currently available to our moderators. We're sitting on a lot of world-building notes that would otherwise reveal key aspects of the plot long before they come in to play, which might make it less of a surprise. When one of these events takes place in the actual comic pages, we will declassify it for you and let you know in a news post!

The cast of The End is large and varied. Each character has their own section which will eventually include stats, a brief history, a list of significant relationships and a gallery.

Each race will eventually contain extensive world-building notes and diagrams that cover various aspects of their history, society, philosophy, infrastructure and biology.

This covers locations that the characters have been in the comic, as well as notes on their planets of origin and the native flora and fauna that reside there.

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