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{{ gallery:design:ith:brbanner.png?nolink }} ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Traits ===== Empathic awareness and limited influence. Red Caste members naturally sense the emotional states of nearby Ith (except the Black Caste, of course), and can, with training, develop a limited ability to influence the emotions of others. This process is challenging and can have undesired results if improperly executed, but multiple skilled empaths can work together to exert a more pervasive influence over a larger group of Ith. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Role ===== Passive community oversight and behind-the-scenes social engineering. The empaths of the Red Caste are primarily tasked with watching over the populace and tracking the levels of negative emotions in various population centres. They also work together with the [[Blue Caste]] and the [[Orange Caste]] to limit public unrest and reinforce social stability, when necessary. Finally, talented empaths are occasionally employed by the Black Caste for interrogations, or placed on retainer by powerful members of the Violet Caste wishing to gain an edge in negotiations. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Perception ===== The Red Caste is regarded as a noble and valuable organization by many citizens of the Monoculture, due to its critically important role in maintaining cultural unity. Empaths are prized for their ability to avert conflict, soothe frustrations, and keep workers happy and productive. For this reason, they are sometimes regarded with mixed feelings by the oft-downtrodden [[Green Caste]] - until they adjust those feelings, of course. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Essential Apparel ===== As one of the upper castes, they are paid well and many of them are entitled to certain freedoms when it comes to dress on the job. While a starship captain may opt for functional apparel, a Red Caste working as a liaison between a house and its business partners is free to dress however they like. Even if their attire doesn't properly fit with the image a certain house is trying to uphold, they would likely never hear a complaint about it because the [[Violet Caste]] is just as susceptible to a Red Caste's abilities as any of the lower castes. Otherwise, it's mostly a matter of personal taste. Some gravitate towards the unique and expensive fabrics woven by [[Orange Caste]] artisans, and others prefer to look and feel as professional as possible at all times and opt for more conservative garb. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Related ===== Known members of the Red Caste include: [[Sari]] </WRAP>

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