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{{ :end.png?nolink |}} ---- Welcome to The End's wiki. Here are some shortcuts to the main areas of the website. ---- <WRAP center round box 70%> * [[Story Bible]] * [[Chapter Guide]] * [[Fanworks]] * [[Goodies]] * [[Creators]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> We are looking for volunteer moderators! If you are interested in populating this wiki with information, please read the [[Moderator Guide]] and then [[|contact me]] if you are still interested. </WRAP> ---- There are currently no events happening. Future events will be announced and linked in this sidebar. ----


==== Q: Can I be a Moderator? ==== A: You can! Just give this FAQ a read so that you know what you are getting into, first. Then [[|contact me.]] I'll get in touch with you so we can make you an account. ==== Q: What would I have to do? ==== A: Your job would be to take world building notes out of a google doc and post them in the correct sections while minding syntax. Also, if something significant happens in the plot in terms of character development that you feel should be on the wiki, add it to the appropriate character. ==== Q: Where can I find this google doc? ==== It can be found [[|here]]. We will try to be diligent in taking notes that are already on the wiki out of the doc. If we have no notes to put up, the doc will indicate that there are no new notes. ==== Q: So I'm a moderator, where do I start? ==== A: I don't want this to feel like a chore for you, so start on things that interest you. If it isn't something you feel like working on, leave it for someone else. ==== Q: How come some pages look really nice and have lots of icons and images, while others do not? ==== A: That's because I'm drawing the art for these as you add info to them! Drawing takes time, but I will eventually get it done. ==== Q: Someone changed the page I was working on around! Why did they do that? ==== A: It may have been me! Often I will move stuff around to better accommodate new images and make menus work properly. It's nothing personal, and you're not doing anything wrong, but I'm a very visual person and sometimes I can't help myself from trying to maximize page aesthetic. ==== Q: I have a question that isn't on this FAQ! ==== A: If you are already a moderator and just have a question about or need clarification on whether or not you should do something, then just edit this page and add the question as a Level 4 header. I'll answer it as soon as I can! If you don't have an account and want to add a question, just ask it in then comments on the comic itself and I will add it in here.

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