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{{ gallery:design:ith:ibanner.png?nolink }} ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Traits ===== Caste-wide, constant shared consciousness. Each Indigo is cognizant of her surroundings on an individual level, but all higher-order thought is at least partially collective in nature; each Indigo brain works together with its peers in a manner similar to a processor network. Individuality is extremely limited and the Caste functions more like a gestalt collective organism than a group of discrete beings. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Role ===== Supreme administrative authority. The Indigo Caste forms the head of state and the seat of government, though it prefers to rule distantly. It relies upon the [[Violet Caste]] to handle most daily affairs, intervening only when needed. The majority of the Indigo Caste’s energy is bent on directing the [[Black Caste]] and [[Red Caste]] as a means of shaping, observing, and controlling the Monoculture as a whole, on a “big picture” level. However, this does not mean that the Indigo Caste is out of touch - it pays very close attention to the subtle patterns and variations of the Monoculture's social fabric. With numerous minds eternally working in tandem to subconsciously compare and collate information, the Indigo consciousness is possessed of a terrifyingly acute intellect, and very little escapes its notice. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Perception ===== Many of the Monoculture's people will never see a single Indigo Caste member in their lifetimes. On special occasions, individual Indigo members may be sent to address the populace (under extremely heavy guard, of course) - such events are cause for tremendous excitement amongst the citizenry and tend to draw enormous crowds, since the ruling Caste is regarded with near-superstitious reverence by the great majority of subordinate Ith. In fact, the Indigo Caste is so heavily mythologized (and propagandized) that it is frequently accorded the same kind of fearful devotion that a zealous theocracy would show to a supreme prophet or God-King. It is regarded as the perfect apex of Ith evolution: wise, pure, all-knowing, and utterly flawless in its interdependence and collective dedication to the Monoculture's well-being. Suggestions to the contrary are rare, and only ever seem to be voiced by people about to suddenly and mysteriously vanish forever. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Essential Apparel ===== The Indigo Caste is highly fastidious in matters of personal hygiene - it wouldn't do to let any of its bodies grow sick, after all - but shows approximately zero concern for fashion or personal expression. Its members wear soft, comfortable robes, exquisitely crafted and dyed a beautiful shade of indigo, but nevertheless extremely minimalist in physical design. In a culture full of varied and unique tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, jewelry, and more, the Caste's spartan, unpretentious mode of dress ironically manages to be utterly unique, and it has become profoundly iconic of the Monoculture's revered rulers. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Related ===== Known members of the Indigo Caste include: None as of yet! </WRAP>

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