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<WRAP right round box 35%> {{ :decohenri.png?nolink|}} </WRAP> ==== Stats ==== ^ **Full Name** | Henri Phillip Karsch | ^ **Age** | 23 | ^ **Occupation** | Engineering Student | ^ **Family Members** | [[Vera Karsch]] (mother), [[Peter Karsch]] (father) | ^ **Significant and Developing Relationships** | [[Patricia Leveque]] (truce/tentative friendship), [[Victor Smart]] (tentative friendship), [[Sailor Goon]] (brief mortal enemy), [[Lon]] (replacement mortal enemy) | ^ **First Appearance** | [[|Chapter 05 Page 01]] | ==== Personality ==== <WRAP left round box 40%> When Henri first appears in the comic, he is abrasive, irritable and unhappy. He is quick to anger and, perhaps unwisely, unafraid to escalate things to the point of a physical altercation. It is revealed in [[Henri's Sidestory]] that his childhood and teen years were fraught with bullying. He goes from a rather meek child who takes whatever is thrown at him to a jaded teen who is trying to ignore the state of his life. When he gets in to his university of choice, he decides to remake himself into someone he thinks would be popular and as a result, vehemently refuses to acknowledge any of his former hobbies and interests (though he does make a small exception for [[Death Police]]). </WRAP> ==== Timeline ==== * Henri Karsch was introduced to the comic in [[chapter 05|Chapter Five]]. * He is seen protesting his presence at [[Omegacon]], but the facade cracks a little when presented with a [[Death Police]] Cartridge. * He has an altercation with [[Sailor Goon]] in front of con volunteer [[Patricia Leveque|Trish]], who attempts to eject the both of them from the convention. * This results in a brief chase and Henri ends up hiding aboard [[Axca (ship)|Axca]]. * Henri is trapped aboard [[Axca (ship)|Axca]], but thanks to his and Trish's efforts, they are able to talk [[Endi]] into freeing the rest of the abducted. * They arrive on [[Gorth Station]]. A month passes and Henri is seen hanging out with Trish and [[Victor Smart|Victor]]. They discover Ethma attempting to leave the ship for supplies for the humans, and Trish talks Ethma into letting her and Henri tag along. * Henri and Trish do some bonding as they discuss their situation. * Henri and Trish accompany Ethma and chance upon a group of [[Ith]] who become suspicious and chase them down. They escape when Ethma collapses a tunnel roof on top of them. * Upon returning to the ship it is discovered that [[Jack Jones|Jack]] is missing, and Ethma asks Henri and Trish to keep everyone in line while she goes looking for them. * Henri takes his earlier talk with Trish to heart and ventures out to rescue Jack. * Henri manages to ask for directions to the only Ith ship at the station when the languages that Ethma sold [[Gorth]] cycle through the stations wireless update. * He sneaks aboard the Ith cargo ship and avoids several confrontations with the Ith Crew. * He locates Jack and attempts to rescue him, but is caught by [[Lon]] and shocked unconscious. * He is still aboard the Ith ship when it takes off. ====Design Notes ==== <WRAP center round box 95%> {{:gallery:design:henri_original_design.jpg?nolink&200 |}} Henri's original design was the hardest of all of them--I knew at the time that he was going to be a very central character, more so than many of the others, and I struggled with designing him for months. Initially he was presented as a white dudebro with a popped collar and a serious xbox obsession. I somehow had it in my brain that whatever his fandom was would need to be something that could segue into something useful he could do aboard a space ship, which was probably what made designing him so hard. I threw out this and several other designs before settling on one, and I only settled on it because I had actually been drawing comics at the same time and it was time for him to show up in the story. As a result, I had a great deal of difficulty drawing him consistently for the first while, and only now am I getting the hang of it, ten chapters in. As a character, Henri is based very loosely on childhood friends and experiences I had. He was also initially named after one of them temporarily until I could find a name for him that I liked. I liked his temp name, but felt that if the childhood friend who he was named after ever stumbled upon my comic through facebook, he might be weirded out, so keeping it was never an option. </WRAP> ==== Gallery ==== {{gallery> gallery:henri }}

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