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{{ gallery:design:ith:greenbanner.png?nolink }} ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Traits ===== Forge psychic bonds and connections to objects, locations and other Ith, often resulting in visions and dreams that revolve around those connections. They are seen as psychically weak by most of the other castes because the bonds they form are generally with objects or persons that they see every day. Green caste members who bond with other Ith will often enter into relationships with them, caste permitting, and caste members who bond with items will often discover a deeper understanding of that item, enabling them to work with it more skillfully. They also seem to be limited to one connection at a time. If an object they are bonded to is destroyed, or the person they are bonded with dies, they will eventually find themselves bonded to something or someone else. The reason for this is still a mystery, but is generally considered unimportant.</WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Role ===== Bonding to other Ith is rare, and most Green Caste members end up bonding with specific Giant Fungus trees that have been part of the Green caste quarters landscaping for hundreds of years. Many Ith will form connections with the **same** tree, though that does not enable a connection between Ith connecting to the same tree. As a result of their close connections with the land, the Green caste governs food production and harvest. Many Green Caste members work directly in the fields, while others work at processing plants on the outskirts of the Green settlements. Not all Green caste work for the houses--while a young Ith is likely offered a position to work for the house that their parents parents work for, it is possible to be fired. Ith can also choose to leave the houses and work for small outlying personal farms or craftsmen. Skilled Craftsmen can get by on trade with members of the Green Caste and at outskirts bazaars and often focus on specialty fungus or foods derived from them, dyes for clothing and use in tattoos, tattoos themselves and hand-crafted clothing and tools. It should be noted, however, that the Black Caste treats outlying Ith with extreme suspision and are known to preform raids and investigations to make sure that they have no affiliations with [[Ith Savages]]. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Perception ===== The Green Caste is considered to be the bottom rung of the Caste system. Even amongst skilled workers with strong ties that can be used constructively, it is almost unheard-of to rise much higher than foremen in the fields or at the processing plants, as the fields and plants are directly owned by various families in the [[Violet Caste]]. The Violet caste generally employs [[Red Caste]] Ith in most managerial positions as a means of influencing workers emotions and keeping them happy and docile. Other castes regard members of the Green Caste as slovenly, rude and unintelligent, regardless of how integral they are to Ith's infrastructure. This is partially because many Green Caste members don't generally navigate solely by aura like other castes; harvesting and factory work generally involve great heights and dangerous machinery, so most adopt an eyes-open policy for their own safety as soon as they are old enough to enter the work force after evaluation. Green Caste members rely on reading expressions and body language far more than any of the other castes, save the [[Black Caste]], and as a result, many of the other castes dislike conversing with them.</WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Essential Apparel ===== {{gallery:design:ith:greendesign.png?direct&300 }} The Green Caste don wardrobes made purely for functionality with a few minor embellishments. Ith's climate is hot and muggy almost year round, but working in the fields almost guarantees irritation with some of the fungus strains and minor cuts and scrapes from the brush, so fabrics are generally a combination of light and breathable and a heavy and protective canvas-like material. Most day and work wear come equipped with hoods (detachable or attached), long, light pants and magnetic rings around the collar and sleeve and pant hems for easy attachment of work gloves, work boots and spore masks. When working, the addition of heavy canvas jackets, sleeves, gloves, hoods and boots are essential. Hoods remain up to keep excessive amounts of spores out of hair, and spore masks are worn to protect lungs from repeated heavy exposure to some fungus strains. Harvesting is done with small, energy-based cutting tools or regular metal blades, depending on the funding the orchards receive from their respective [[Violet Caste]] houses. They are secured to canvas jackets magnetically. Children growing up in the Green Caste who are too young to work generally wear light, breathable clothing with attached hoods, pants ending at the ankles and shoes or sandals. Because their wardrobes need to be practical for long work hours in the fields, members of the green caste favour decoration in the form of pretty but unobtrusive personal accessories and custom, elaborate hand-dyed patterns. Members of the Green Caste prefer to keep their hair mostly short or easily contained to keep it clean. They also favour tattoos as a means of decoration, as they can't get caught or destroyed while working. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Related ===== Known members of the Green Caste include: [[Raine]] </WRAP>

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