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{{ :end.png?nolink |}} ---- Welcome to The End's wiki. Here are some shortcuts to the main areas of the website. ---- <WRAP center round box 70%> * [[Story Bible]] * [[Chapter Guide]] * [[Fanworks]] * [[Goodies]] * [[Creators]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> We are looking for volunteer moderators! If you are interested in populating this wiki with information, please read the [[Moderator Guide]] and then [[|contact me]] if you are still interested. </WRAP> ---- There are currently no events happening. Future events will be announced and linked in this sidebar. ----


<WRAP center round box 90%> Ran and Cory Brown live in Canada's Capital City and like to do creative stuff. Here is some stuff they've done, as well as tutorials on how they do that stuff! * [[Colouring Tutorial]] - A step-by-step on how Ran colours **The End**. </WRAP>

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