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{{ :end.png?nolink |}} ---- Welcome to The End's wiki. Here are some shortcuts to the main areas of the website. ---- <WRAP center round box 70%> * [[Story Bible]] * [[Chapter Guide]] * [[Fanworks]] * [[Goodies]] * [[Creators]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> We are looking for volunteer moderators! If you are interested in populating this wiki with information, please read the [[Moderator Guide]] and then [[|contact me]] if you are still interested. </WRAP> ---- There are currently no events happening. Future events will be announced and linked in this sidebar. ----


<WRAP center round box 60%> {{:gallery:main:chapterguide.png?nolink |}} The [[Chapter Guide]] contains a synopses of each chapter, as well as a list of characters that make appearances. In the future the intent is to add analysis, theories and discussion to these, which we will do by adding a discussion function to specific pages. This will be implemented when registration is open to everyone, rather than just the moderators. We've kept this page as simple as possible to avoid spoiling things for people who just happen to stumble across it. We've separated them by parts so that you can more easily jump to different chapters: </WRAP> ---- ==== PART ONE ==== Part one encompasses how each central group of humans is dragged into this colossal mess. These chapters are set at [[Omegacon]], a fictional convention hosted in [[Ottawa]], Canada's capital city. <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :1.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER ONE** sees hundreds of drop ships leaving a mother-ship hiding in the shadow of our moon. Navigator Endi and Monitor Ethma land on Earth to carry out a noble and prestigious mission. All too quickly, they discover a hitch in their plan... * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 01|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :2.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER TWO** introduces Bart, Heather and Cassi Savage as they wait in the Friday evening line for Canada’s largest Fan (Anime/Manga, Sci-Fi, Movies, Comic Books, Videogames) Convention, OMEGAcon. An unfortunate turn of events leads them somewhere unexpected. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 02|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :3.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER THREE** introduces Kait and Jack Jones as they wait in a hotel lobby where jack is supposed to be meeting up with his internet girlfriend, Raine Andrews for the first time in person. Raine shows up, but harbors a secret that sends Jack to a place he could never have even dreamed of. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 03|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :4.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER FOUR** sees a chance meeting between 29-year-old government worker by day, cosplayer by night Blaire Warner and typecast, out-of-work, convention-hopping actor Victor Smart. An innocent suggestion leads them somewhere unimaginable. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 04|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :5.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER FIVE** takes us on a wild chase that jump-starts a chain of events that leads to the stars. The humans meet the aliens for the first time, and the results are…interesting to say the least… * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 05|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :5b.jpg?nolink|}}**FILES 01** is a series of file folders on several missing humans. The contents of most of them have been heavily redacted for some reason... * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[files 01|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> ==== PART TWO ==== Part two takes place both aboard [[Axca (ship)|Axca]] and on [[Gorth Station]] and focuses on [[Ethma]], [[Henri Karsch|Henri]], [[Cassandra Savage|Cassi]], [[Endi]] and [[Jack Jones|Jack]], as well as introduces a new adversary in the [[Ith]]. <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :6.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER SIX** gives us a look at the inside of the ship, as well as an idea of how the humans are coping now that they’re light-years away from Earth. A month has passed since they left Earth. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 06|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :7.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER SEVEN** sees Henri and Trish exploring the space-station, Ethma meeting an old friend, and a mysterious human-like race that may or may not be evil. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 07|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :8.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER EIGHT** leads Cassie and Jack on a questionably wild goose chase around the ship, with surprising consequences for both of them. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 08|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :9.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER NINE** is a series of bad decisions that end in a showdown with the Ith! * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 09|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :10.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER TEN** gives Victor and Bart some time to get to know each other while Cassi Learns about Axca. Ethma makes an important decision that may or may not work out well. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 10|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :10b.png?nolink|}}**HENRI'S SIDESTORY** is 'titled (don't) forget yourself' and follows Henri's history from youth to college years leading up to his abduction. * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[Henri's Sidestory|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP> ==== PART THREE ==== Part three introduces [[Samira Hahn|Sam]] and [[Maxwell Flagg|Max]], as well as gives us a glimpse into what has been happening on [[Earth]] since Part One. It is currently ongoing. <WRAP center round box 70%> {{ :11.png?nolink|}}**CHAPTER ELEVEN** takes us back to Earth, months into the aftermath of the destruction of the Fiah Exodus... * [[|Read This Chapter]] * [[chapter 11|Chapter Summary & Analysis]] </WRAP>

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