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{{ gallery:design:ith:brbanner.png?nolink }} ---- <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Traits ===== The people of the Blue Caste possess hyper-acute aura perception. The Blue Caste’s signature talent is considerably more modest in nature than the abilities held by most other Castes, but it is also uniquely valuable in its own way. A Blue Caste member has an “inner sight” several orders of magnitude sharper than the norm - she can glimpse a youth’s budding aura months before anyone else (even the youth) is aware of it, try to glean details on an individual’s personality and mental state by studying how his aura behaves over time, and easily recognize the Caste of each and every person in a teeming mass of Ith at a single glance. Particularly skilled members of the Blue Caste can sometimes even detect when another Ith is using her psychic abilities by spotting subtle pattern changes in her aura’s behaviour. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Role ===== Social and individual guidance, education, counselling, and mediation are all within the purview of this Caste. However, the Blue Caste’s most important function is to maintain the caste system. All Monoculture youths are placed in the Blue Caste’s care at the onset of puberty, when their full psychic potential begins to emerge. They are first instilled with the bedrock of their education - important life skills, basic scholastic studies, Monoculture history, and a great deal of cultural pride-building (i.e. propaganda, though the Caste itself does not view it as such). As part of the teaching process, the Blue Caste’s counsellors assess their young students for psychic ability, helping them to unlock their potential and identifying the Caste each youth is destined to join. Eventually, the students are split apart into their respective Castes, and sent off to more specialized teachers who will train them in the duties and practices that will one day be expected of them. There are some exceptions: Violet citizens hold the right to reclaim their children for home-schooling should they manifest Violet auras, aura-less youths are sent directly to the Black Caste for education, and Indigo youths are instantly spirited away to join the Indigo Caste (their families are informed after the fact). In addition, Blue Caste counsellors are sometimes assigned to communities to serve as liaisons and philosophical guides. They can be valuable on space vessels as well; the presence of a properly trained counsellor can be very valuable in minimizing the restlessness and interpersonal friction that can often result from extended forays into space. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Perception ===== The Blue Caste is the glue that holds the Monoculture together, maintaining a tight-knit solidarity between Castes and citizens alike. It maintains a nurturing, benevolent aspect somewhat akin to an altruistic priesthood, albeit a secular one. Throughout their training, Blue Caste counsellors are shaped into potent, living symbols for their fellow citizens - they are taught to be earnest and non-judgmental, likelier to give than to take, quick to offer help and advice, proudly loyal to the Monoculture, and eager to help others find happiness in noble service as they have done. The Blue Caste enjoys essentially universal trust and respect amongst the Monoculture’s citizens; if the Indigo Caste is the brain of the Monoculture, then the Blue Caste is its heart. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Essential Apparel ===== They will generally dress in the robes of their order if their position makes it possible. If they do not require a uniform, they tend to dress rather conservatively. They do not ignore the need for functional clothes like some members of the more privileged castes do, because aura assessments sometimes require them to travel through inclement weather or unforgiving terrain. </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 90%> ===== Related ===== Known members of the Blue Caste include: [[Muir]] </WRAP>

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